The current state of marine renewable energy policy in China

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Title: The current state of marine renewable energy policy in China
Publication Date:
February 01, 2019
Journal: Marine Policy
Volume: 100
Pages: 334-341
Publisher: Elsevier
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Yang, X.; Liu, N.; Zhang, P.; Guo, Z.; Ma, C.; Hu, P.; Zhang, X. (2019). The current state of marine renewable energy policy in China. Marine Policy, 100, 334-341.

The advancement of the Marine renewable energy (MRE) industry will contribute to actualizing sustainable development in China. However, the Chinese MRE industry is still in its nascent stage. Therefore, effective policies are needed to improve the development of this emerging sector and facilitate its maturation. Focusing on MRE policies, this article provides constructive suggestions for the establishment and reform of Chinese MRE policy. It summarizes current MRE policies in both China and in nations with a relatively mature MRE industry, identifying the challenges in China's current MRE policy in the process. While several market incentive strategies have been found to be incomplete and have faced significant limitations during implementation, several non-market incentive strategies are entirely absent. Examining these deficiencies and their causes, this paper suggests corresponding improvement strategies: notably the need to reform the Marine Renewable Energy Funds, refine feed-in tariffs and subsidy policy, introduce a tradable renewable certificate, enact special laws for this field, and strengthen its publicity campaign.

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