Cumulative Impacts of Wave Energy In Oregon: Data Atlas


Title: Cumulative Impacts of Wave Energy In Oregon: Data Atlas
Authors: Parametrix; Aquatera
Publication Date:
April 01, 2010
Pages: 55
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Parametrix; Aquatera (2010). Cumulative Impacts of Wave Energy In Oregon: Data Atlas. Report by Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET). pp 55.

The Cumulative Effects Framework project conducted a survey of available datasets for evaluation and incorporation as the framework was developed. The data collected were catalogued and reviewed by the project team to determine applicability in the modelling effort. This data review was conducted in parallel with the development of the wave energy cumulative effects model development. The data and atlas products provided here accompany the report, Cumulative Impacts of Wave Energy in Oregon: Existing environmental character, trends and pressures.


The following sections are structured similar to the other Cumulative Effects Analysis Framework categories. Technical suitability is not included because it is a product of many of the datasets presented here, and not a primary source. The sections are briefly discussed before the presentation of the maps. Included in this report are data inputs organized around the following topics:


  1. Physical
  2. Ecological
  3. Conservation
  4. Social Economic
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