Comprehensive Post-Evaluation Model on Wind Power

Journal Article

Title: Comprehensive Post-Evaluation Model on Wind Power
Authors: Wu, Y.; Chen, W.; Li, Y.
Publication Date:
January 07, 2013
Journal: Advanced Materials Research
Volume: 722
Pages: 86-92

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Wu, Y.; Chen, W.; Li, Y. (2013). Comprehensive Post-Evaluation Model on Wind Power. Advanced Materials Research, 722, 86-92.

Chinese wind power has undergone a rapid development under the support from government and technology progress, which caused a discordant situation with the backward of its post-evaluation work. Currently, a comprehensive post-evaluation index system and evaluation methods has not been established, the result of current evaluation cannot help the decision-making for the follow-up projects and the further improvement of the operational status of wind farm. However, since the end of 2010, there are more and more problems exposed in wind powers development. It is necessary to develop a comprehensive and scientific post-evaluation on Chinese wind power project. This research contains two parts, the first part constructed a whole-process post-evaluation model on wind power project, the second part developed a target completion degree post-evaluation model from terms of cost, quality, schedule, safety and environment. What is more, the literature about wind power project evaluation was analyzed in this paper.

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