Cimarron Wind Energy Project - Phase 1: Final Environmental Assessment


Title: Cimarron Wind Energy Project - Phase 1: Final Environmental Assessment
Authors: Tetra Tech
Publication Date:
November 01, 2011
Document Number: 2010-6
Pages: 140
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Tetra Tech (2011). Cimarron Wind Energy Project - Phase 1: Final Environmental Assessment. Report by Tetra Tech Inc. pp 140.

Pursuant to its 2007 Strategic Plan and 2008 Environmental Policy, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) objectives include increasing the amount of renewable energy resources in its generation portfolio. Supporting this effort, the TVA Board authorized the purchase of as much as 2,000 megawatts (MW) of renewable and clean energy by 2011. Increasing the amount of renewable energy resources would also assist TVA in meeting potential renewable portfolio standards (RPS), utilizing more renewable electricity in its own facilities, broadening its generation mix, improving grid and power supply reliability, and meeting future consumer demand for electricity through low carbon-emitting facilities.


To support these efforts, in December of 2008, TVA sought proposals from qualified and eligible proposers to supply capacity and/or energy from Renewable Energy and/or Clean Energy Resources (RECER) beginning as early as June 1, 2009, and as late as 2012. TVA entertained term proposals for such power supply of one to 20 years in duration.


Many of the proposals received were for wind energy sources of generation. From numerous proposals, CPV Cimarron Renewable Energy Company, LLC's (CPV or the Developer) Cimarron Wind Energy Project - Phase 1 (the Project) was one of those conditionally selected by TVA to satisfy the RECER need.


The purpose of the Action subject to this environmental review is to:

  1. Acquire up to 165 MW of economically-viable renewable wind energy generated from the Project in support of meeting TVA's renewable energy goals.
  2. Help meet the demand for energy on the TVA power system.


The Project as proposed would meet both of these objectives.

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