Bat Mortalities at a Wind Energy Facility in North Dakota

Journal Article

Title: Bat Mortalities at a Wind Energy Facility in North Dakota
Publication Date:
November 01, 2012
Journal: Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management
Volume: 4
Pages: 139-143

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Bicknell, L.; Gilliam, E. (2012). Bat Mortalities at a Wind Energy Facility in North Dakota. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management, 4, 139-143.

In recent years, the wind energy industry has rapidly expanded around the world, and studies assessing potential wildlife impacts have documented that bats are especially susceptible to injury and mortality near wind turbines. The rapid construction of many wind facilities in North Dakota, one of the states with the highest wind energy potential, is of concern, as little is known about the distribution and ecology of bats in North Dakota and no research has assessed turbine-related impacts in the state. The objective of this research was to make preliminary assessments of bat fatalities at a wind facility in North Dakota. Six surveys were conducted at 12 turbines within an operational wind facility in south-central North Dakota from July 25 to September 12, 2010. In total, we discovered nine bat carcasses from two species. While our data were too preliminary to assess fatality rates, these findings point to a need for future research on the impacts of the growing wind energy industry in North Dakota.

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