Avian Mortality at Man-Made Structures: An Annotated Bibliography


Title: Avian Mortality at Man-Made Structures: An Annotated Bibliography
Publication Date:
July 01, 1978
Document Number: FWS/OBS-78/58
Pages: 114

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Avery, M.; Springer, P.; Dailey, N. (1978). Avian Mortality at Man-Made Structures: An Annotated Bibliography. Report by US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). pp 114.

The majority of the reports include the number of individuals and species killed, with some observations of weather conditions at the time of the incident, bird behavior near the structure, or comments on the attraction of birds to lights. Other reports use data derived from casualties to analyze migration routes and timing, examine the causes of death and injury, describe species morphometry and physiology, determine subspecific composition of migrant populations, and assess the impact of scavengers and predators on study reliability. Avian electrocution studies, which include both electric transmission structures and electric fences, report bird casualties, examine the circumstances causing death or injury, identify problem locations and lethal structural designs, and recommend design changes to reduce the hazard to birds.

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