Atlas of UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources


Title: Atlas of UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources
Publication Date:
May 01, 2008

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ABP Marine Environmental Research (2008). Atlas of UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources. Retrieved from

A project commissioned by BERR in 2007 has taken the existing UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources Atlas forward. This new stage of development for the Atlas has enabled an enhanced definition of the primary resource variables and is now a product that is being made more accessible though a webGIS interface. The charts in the Atlas indicate the distribution of potential resource for the future deployment of renewable energy technologies – wind, wave and tidal. The project team was led by ABP Marine Environmental Research and included the providers of major marine data holdings (Met Office and Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (POL)).


The Atlas represents the most detailed regional description of potential marine energy resources in UK waters ever completed to date at a national scale, and will be used to help guide policy and planning decisions for future site leasing rounds.


The study was completed as part of the Offshore Energy Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) which is presently operated by DECC. For more information about the SEA programme please refer to:


Acknowledgement: This article was identified by the Crown Estate Wave and Tidal Knowledge Network

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