Admiralty Inlet Basin Flow Model


Title: Admiralty Inlet Basin Flow Model
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January 01, 2012
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2012). Admiralty Inlet Basin Flow Model [Video].

Puget Sound is a large complex estuary system in the Pacific Northwest coastal ocean of the United States. Water circulation in Puget Sound is governed by multiple spatially and temporally varying forcings from tides, atmosphere (wind, heating/cooling, precipitation/evaporation, pressure), and river inflows. In addition, the hydrodynamic response is affected strongly by geomorphic features, such as fjord-like bathymetry and complex shoreline features, resulting in many distinguishing characteristics in its main and sub-basins. To better understand the details of circulation features in Puget Sound, a high-resolution (around 50 m in estuaries and tide flats) hydrodynamic model for the entire Puget Sound was created. The following visualizations are from this model and are focused on Admiralty Inlet area, where the proposed Snohomish PUD tidal project is located. More information on this model can be found here.

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