Expert Forum: Standardization of the Data We Collect


Title: Expert Forum: Standardization of the Data We Collect
Date: February 27, 2017
16:00-17:00 UTC+00:00
Technology Type:

Expert Form #6


Lead by Andrea Copping, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

February 27, 2017



The purpose of this forum was to discuss how our experts collect, analyze and interpret data; determine the extent to which there is room to standardize data across projects for comparison purposes; and to determine where gaps in data and methods exist.  Standardization issues discussed included:


  • What level of standardization is important, and feasible, for monitoring around devices? For example, should everyone use the same instruments and methods to make the data completely comparable, or is measuring the same parameters using a variety of well calibrated instruments and methods sufficient?
  • How should standard collection of data be driven by the specific questions of interest?
  • What is the role and importance of control or reference sites?
  • Do the issues differ between fish and marine mammals?


The slides presented are available here.


Attendees at the Forum included:



A video recording of the discussion has been posted below:

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