Expert Forum: Analyzing Acoustic Data around Marine Energy Devices


Title: Expert Forum: Analyzing Acoustic Data around Marine Energy Devices
Date: July 24, 2014
17:00-18:00 UTC+00:00
Technology Type:

Expert Forum #1


Lead by Gayle Zydlewski, University of Maine

July 24, 2014



The use of active acoustic instruments to measure interactions of marine animals and seabirds around marine energy devices can be difficult due to high water flows around the energy generating devices. In particular, turbulence may destabilize data streams or result in loss of data; determining the level of interference from these effects is challenging. Researchers in several nations are experimenting with removing the turbulence and other background sounds from acoustic data from multibeam, single beam, split beam sonar, and acoustic cameras.  Others believe the data can be processed along with the turbulence measurements, providing valuable outputs.


The introductory slides presented by Gayle Zydlewski are available here.


Experts who Participated in this Discussion Included (in order of appearance):


A video recording of the discussion has been posted below:

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