Annex IV Experts Workshop 2012


Title: Annex IV Experts Workshop 2012
Dublin, Ireland
Date: October 15, 2012
9:00-17:30 UTC+01:00
Technology Type:

This workshop was held October 15, 2012 in Dublin, Ireland (Dublin Convention Centre). The meeting was held under the International Energy Agency's implementing agreement on Ocean Energy Systems and collaboration with the Department of Energy. The workshop brought 55 technical experts to submit input on the Annex IV database, the draft of the Annex IV phase 1 report, and the future of Annex IV. The workshop was broken into two sessions, each with a presentation and breakout groups to facilitate discussion and feedback from attendees.


Session 1: Tethys/Annex IV Knowledge Base

Presentation by Andrea Copping


Session 2: Annex IV Case Studies and Final Report

Presentation by Andrea Copping


Questions from the breakout sessions are provided below:



Past Events in the Series

  • Annex IV Experts Workshop 2010, Dublin, Ireland, September 27, 8:00 - September 28, 17:00 2010 UTC+0100
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