EMEC Billia Croo FLOWBEC Fluorometer Monitoring Data


EMEC Billia Croo FLOWBEC Fluorometer Monitoring Data
July 10, 2013
Research End Date:
August 12, 2013
Technology Type:
FLOWBEC Subsea Frame Deployed on the Seabed (Source: Williamson et al. 2015)
Description and Purpose of Data: 

Two 2-week deployments at the Billia Croo (BC) wave site were carried out (typically 3–5 m wave height). The first in a tidally influenced area with up to 3.5 m/s spring tides. The second was at a non-tidally influenced area of the wave site with up to 1.5 m/s spring tides.


The FLOWBEC device was deployed at the tidally influenced site from 10 Jul – 24th Jul 2013 and at the non-tidally influenced site from 27 Jul – 12 Aug 2013.


The FLOWBEC platform had a WET Labs ECO FLNTUSB fluorometer positioned with an upwards orientation.


The fluorometer measures turbidity and fluorescence, which can be used as a proxy for phytoplankton. The fluorometer provides contextual data on biomass/productivity in the water column testing the hypothesis formed at the EMEC tidal energy sites that the advection of productive water masses into the area may signal the arrival/presences of many other species. Measures of turbidity/visibility can be used to predict the perceptual range of animals that may impact and predict the behaviour of species around devices.

Frequency of Collection: 
Continuous over each fourteen day deployment (3 deployments) which covered the full spring-neap cycle.
Data Access Instructions: 

Contact Benjamin Williamson

EMEC Billia Croo FLOWBEC Fluorometer Monitoring Data is located in United Kingdom.
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