Valuing the Shoreline - Guideline for Socio-Economic Analyses


Title: Valuing the Shoreline - Guideline for Socio-Economic Analyses
Publication Date:
January 01, 2006
Pages: 72

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Persson, M.; Rankka, K.; Rydell, B.; Uytewaal, E. (2006). Valuing the Shoreline - Guideline for Socio-Economic Analyses. Report by Lund University, National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management (RIKZ), Swedish Geotechnical Institute, University of Barcelona, and University of Szczecin. pp 72.

This guide is intended to facilitate increasing the knowledge and the understanding of coastal valuation and the co-operation between coastal managers. It provides an explanation of why socio-economic evaluation is conducted, a summary of evaluation methods, a discussion of socio-economic analysis of coastal erosion projects, as well as numerous case studies of coastal erosion projects and the lessons learned. Detailed descriptions of economic analysis models, socio-economic evaluation models, and case studies are provided in the report appendices.

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