SOWFIA Deliverable D.3.3: Interim WP3 Report

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Magagna, D.; Greaves, D.; Conley, D.; Aires, E.; Leitão, J.; Witt, M.; Embling, C.; Godley, B.; Saulnier, J.; Mouslim, H.; Simas, T.; O’Hagan, A.; O’Callaghan, J.; Holmes, B.; Sundberg, J.; Torre-Enciso, Y. (2013). SOWFIA Deliverable D.3.3: Interim WP3 Report. Report by Plymouth University, Hidromod, University of Exeter, Ecole Central de Nantes (ECN), Wavec - Offshore Renewables, University College Cork, Uppsala University, and Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE). pp 53.

The present report highlights the work carried out by the SOWFIA project within Work Package 3 (WP3): “Collection and Representation of environmental assessment data for wave energy test sites”.  
The objectives of WP3 are to gain experience in activities related to the detection of environmental impacts at wave energy test centres and to use that experience along with information obtained from environmental impact assessment activities in analogue activities in order to refine recently developed EIA recommendations.  


These are achieved by including examples of EIA data collected at wave energy test sites from across Europe.  This data is to be analysed to examine the effectiveness of different techniques for detecting potential impacts and to assess their effectiveness at communicating to stakeholders their potential for impact detection.  As a result, procedures improve data presentation methods and platforms to enhance stakeholder communicability will be implemented.  

The experience gained and outputs developed in this work package will provide examples of will be used to inform the recommendations for the streamlining of pan-European consenting procedures.

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