Scenario-Building for Marine Spatial Planning

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Title: Scenario-Building for Marine Spatial Planning
Publication Date:
January 24, 2019
Book Title: Maritime spatial planning: past, present, future
Published City: Cham, Switzerland
Chapter: 14
Pages: 327-351
Publisher: Springer
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McGowan, L.; Jay, S.; Kidd, S. (2019). Scenario-Building for Marine Spatial Planning. Maritime spatial planning: past, present, future (pp. 327-351). Cham, Switzerland Springer.

This chapter focuses on the use of scenarios to inform the development of marine spatial plans. An in-depth example of scenario-building for the Celtic Seas is presented, based on a four-way possibility space using the axes of spatial efficiency and cooperation between planning authorities to create four scenarios which were tested in a workshop. This demonstrated the importance of using scenarios to understand the aspirations of different stakeholders towards integration within the marine spatial planning (MSP) process, the realities of encouraging co-location between sea uses and highlighted important issues where further transboundary cooperation on MSP may be required.


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