Ramsey Sound Tidal Energy Limited Scoping Report


Title: Ramsey Sound Tidal Energy Limited Scoping Report
Authors: Tidal Energy
Publication Date:
November 01, 2008
Pages: 33
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Tidal Energy (2008). Ramsey Sound Tidal Energy Limited Scoping Report. Report by Tidal Energy Ltd. pp 33.

Tidal Energy Limited (TEL) is proposing to develop a prototype demonstrator tidal steam project in Ramsey Sound, off the Pembrokeshire coastline, West Wales. The project will comprise of a single DeltaStream device with a nominal installed capacity of 1MW, deployed for 12 month, at the following site; 51°52'40"N, 5°19'34"W. At this stage a limit of deviation of 200m from this location is proposed to allow for micrositing once detailed survey work has been carried out.


The project will also include the provision of a sub-sea cable, a small onshore package control room/substation and associated electrical infrastructure works to allow connection to the local distribution network. The ancillary onshore components of the project will, however, be limited in extent as TEL intends to utilise the existing infrastructure associated with the St Justinian's lifeboat situation, to minimise potential impacts.


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