Proceedings of the Wind-Wildlife Research Meeting XII

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Title: Proceedings of the Wind-Wildlife Research Meeting XII
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March 01, 2019
Conference Name: Wind-Wildlife Research Meeting XII
Conference Location: Washington, D.C.
Pages: 148
Publisher: American Wind Wildlife Association
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PNWWRM XII (2019). Proceedings of the Wind-Wildlife Research Meeting XII. Paper Presented at the Wind-Wildlife Research Meeting XII, Washington, D.C.

Wind energy is recognized as a key component of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy production. By generating electricity with lower carbon emissions and water use than fossil fuels, wind energy benefits birds, bats, and many other animal and plant species. Yet wind energy development and operation, like most human activities including other forms of energy generation, can pose risks to wildlife. These proceedings document current research pertaining to wind energy-related wildlife fatalities; habitat and behavioral impacts at the project level as well as cumulative and landscape-scale impacts; and avoidance, minimization, and mitigation strategies and technologies. As the window of opportunity to prevent the most catastrophic consequences of climate change narrows, these proceedings reflect discussions among stakeholders – scientists, wildlife agencies, wind energy developers, and conservation organizations – about how to balance the need to understand and mitigate wind energy impacts with the need to expedite responsible development of wind energy.

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