Proceedings of the Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop

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Title: Proceedings of the Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop
Publication Date:
March 30, 2012
Workshop Name: Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop
Workshop Location: Oxford, UK
Pages: 45
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University of Oxford (2012). Proceedings of the Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop. Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop, Oxford, UK.

Day 1 (29th March)

Session 1

11:10 The Influence of Vertical Velocity Shear on Tidal Turbine Performance and Wake Recovery Simon C. McIntosh (University of Oxford) 3

11:35 “From Vessel to Model”: Bridging the Gap between Real and Modelled Flow Data Paul Evans (Cardiff University) 5

12:00 Characterisation of the Coastal Hydrology of Oceans Using 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Enayatollah Zangiabadi (Swansea University) 7

12:25 The Influence of Turbulence Model on Wake Structure of TSTs when used with a Coupled BEM-CFD Model Rami Malki (Swansea University) 9


Session 2

14:00 Investigation of the influence of turbine to turbine interaction on their performance using OpenFOAM Gavin R. Tabor (University of Exeter) 11

14:25 Near-field flow downstream of a barrage: Experiments and 3-D modelling Penelope Jeffcoate (University of Manchester) 13

14:50 Sediment dynamics in the wake of a tidal current turbine Lada Vybulkova (University of Glasgow) 15


Session 3

15:45 A cross-flow device with an oval blade path: predictions and measurements of blade forces Peter B. Johnson (University College London) 17

16:10 Are Nearly all Tidal Stream Turbines Designs Wrong? Stephen Salter (University of Edinburgh) 19

16:35 Experimental results from 1/20th scale model tests of the Transverse Horizontal Axis Water Turbine Ross A. McAdam (University of Oxford ) 21


Day 2 (30th March)

Session 4

9:20 CFD Simulation of a 3-Bladed Horizontal Axis Tidal Stream Turbine using RANS and LES J. McNaughton (University of Manchester) 23

9:45 Computational Modelling of Unsteady Rotor Effects Duncan M. McNae (Imperial College London) 25

10:10 Development of an Actuator Line Model for Tidal Turbine Simulations Justine Schluntz (University of Oxford) 27

10:35 Modification of Open Channel Flow By Opposing Waves A. Olczak (University of Manchester) 29


Session 5

11:30 Prediction and Measurement of Time - Varying Thrust on Tidal Turbine due to Mean and Oscillatory flow E. Fernandez Rodriguez (University of Manchester) 31

11:55 Blade Element Momentum Theory for Tidal Turbine Simulation with Wave Effects: A Validation Study Hannah C. Buckland (Swansea University) 33

12:20 The Buhl High-Induction Correction for Blade Element Momentum Theory Applied to Tidal Stream Turbines Michael Togneri (Swansea University) 35

12:45 Betz revisited Guy T. Houlsby (University of Oxford)


Session 6

14:00 Numerical Analysis of Open-Centre Ducted Tidal Turbines Clarissa S. K. Belloni (University of Oxford) 37

14:25 Evaluation of FVNS Solvers for Structures in Tidal Flow Robert Stringer (University of Bath) 39

14:50 On the Garrett & Cummins limit Thomas A.A. Adcock (University of Oxford) 41

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