Proceedings of Ocean Waves Workshop (2015)

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Title: Proceedings of Ocean Waves Workshop (2015)
Authors: Nichols, C.
Publication Date:
January 15, 2015
Workshop Name: Ocean Waves Workshop
Workshop Location: New Orleans, LA: University of New Orleans
Pages: 59

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Nichols, C. (2015). Proceedings of Ocean Waves Workshop (2015). Ocean Waves Workshop, New Orleans, LA: University of New Orleans.

Ocean wave information relies on the collection of oceanographic and meteorological data, analysis and interpretation of the data, and dissemination of the resulting information products. These products can range from statistical tables and charts to bulletins and technical reports. Operational oceanography is distinct in that the science is focused on the development of information products that are used for decision making. Ocean wave conditions are a major constituent in any operational plan and are important to support safe maritime activities such as navigation, loading ships, fishing, recreation, mineral extraction, power generation, and military exercises. This workshop goes beyond consideration of descriptive wave products such as spectra from buoys, hindcasts from historical weather records, and forecasts from wave models. It provides the opportunity for participants to share their procedures for preparing and distributing wave information products; workshop attendees will discuss how their products are actually used to support decision making.


Scientists, engineers, and managers have been invited to present ideas, research results, case studies, work in progress, and system demonstrations related to the use of wave buoys, models, and information to support operations. Discussions will highlight how wave information is used to make decisions such as the issuance of warnings to mariners, evacuation of coastal areas, routing of ships into favorable seaways, and efficient deployment of marine spill response equipment. This workshop provides a forum for operational oceanographers to stimulate discussion, provide new insights, and provide feedback for focused experiments.


Topics that were discussed included, but were not limited to:  

(1) Wave measurements to support coastal construction.

(2) Numerical studies of waves, currents, and sediment transport.

(3) Sediment model applications with wave observations.

(4) Coastal wave buoys to save lives and protect property.

(5) Accessibility of wave information for scientists, engineers, and managers. 

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