PMEC: Tanana River Test Site


Title: PMEC: Tanana River Test Site
Publication Date:
October 01, 2014
Conference Name: NNMREC Annual Meet
Pages: 10
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Kasper, J.; Johnson, J.; Schmid, J.; Duvoy, P.; Seitz, A.; Kulchitsky, A.; Konefal, N. (2014). PMEC: Tanana River Test Site [Presentation]. Presented at the NNMREC Annual Meet.

Permitted Site for Hydrokinetic Research and Testing in Natural Alaskan River Conditions:

  • Complete site characterization
    • Hydrodynamic measurement & modeling
      • Discharge, velocity, sediment, turbulence
    • Endemic fish species
    • Debris(size, type, frequency, location)
  • Technology development and testing
    • Debris modeling and mitigation
    • River energy converter testing
      • Fish interaction monitoring
    • Infrastructure anchoring, deployment and operations in remote communities with islanded grids
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