Navigation Risk Assessment Update: Fall of Warness


Title: Navigation Risk Assessment Update: Fall of Warness
Authors: Anatec
Publication Date:
November 16, 2010
Document Number: A2343-EMEC-NRA-1
Pages: 92
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Anatec (2010). Navigation Risk Assessment Update: Fall of Warness. pp 92.

Anatec have been commissioned by EMEC to update the Navigation Risk Assessment (NRA) of the tidal device test facility in the Fall of Warness (FoW) off the coast of the island of Eday in the Orkney Islands.


The original FoW NRA was published in May 2005 (Ref. i), with a further update carried out in October 2005 (Ref. ii).


This update takes into account the latest vessel activity data as well as guidance and experience available since the original NRA, including publications by the MCA (Refs. iii and iv) and DECC (Ref. v). (The DECC guidance is intended for offshore wind farms but much is relevant to other offshore renewable energy installations.)

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