Impact of Wave Energy Arrays on Beach Processes


Title: Impact of Wave Energy Arrays on Beach Processes
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February 24, 2012
Conference Name: TOS/ASLO/AGU Ocean Sciences 2012
Conference Location: Salt Lake City, US
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Neill, S.; Reche, P.; Davies, A.; Iglesias, G. (2012). Impact of Wave Energy Arrays on Beach Processes [Presentation]. Presented at the TOS/ASLO/AGU Ocean Sciences 2012, Salt Lake City, US.

Due to depth-induced wave breaking, sand bars protect our coastlines from the impact of storm waves. Since the wave climate between an offshore wave energy converter (WEC) array and the coast will likely be modified by largescale energy extraction, this could disrupt the natural process which maintains sand bars, possibly affecting coastal erosion and flooding. Here, we investigate this hypothesised impact through application of a one-dimensional crossshore wave and sediment transport model.

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