Hybrid Renewable Energy System with Minimum Noise Wind Turbine

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Title: Hybrid Renewable Energy System with Minimum Noise Wind Turbine
Publication Date:
December 01, 2017
Journal: Renewable Energy
Volume: 114
Issue: Part B
Pages: 581-587
Publisher: Elsevier
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Al-Hamidi, H.; Asfar, J. (2017). Hybrid Renewable Energy System with Minimum Noise Wind Turbine. Renewable Energy, 114(Part B), 581-587.

In this study, a photovoltaic-wind hybrid renewable energy system has been examined and analyzed, with concentration on wind turbine to minimize generated noise. Mechanical and electrical analyses were performed. Harmonic electrical analysis on the wind turbine generator and electronic devices within the conversion system was conducted to get better performance. Mechanical vibration analysis was also done on selected wind turbine to estimate the forces and frequencies that may affect the blade during operation and cause noise and disturbance effects.


It was found that Harmonics and total Harmonic Distortion were minimized after implementing an AC/DC/AC conversion system consisting of a diode full wave rectifier and an LC filter to stabilize the DC bus. Finally IGBT inverter was used to convert the DC signal into AC output signal with a useful frequency of 50 Hz after reshaping. The total harmonic distortion was minimized to 2.81%, less than the IEEE standards of 5% of the fundamental current frequency.


Furthermore, it was also found that according to suggested arrangement of the hybrid system in this study, the blade of the proposed wind turbine, if operated even under its natural frequencies, its performance will be slightly affected resulting in minimized resonance effect.

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