Electromagnetic Field Study


Title: Electromagnetic Field Study
Publication Date:
September 01, 2010
Document Number: 0905-00-015
Pages: 346
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Slater, M.; Schultz, A.; Jones, R.; Fischer, C. (2010). Electromagnetic Field Study. Report by Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET). pp 346.

This study developed and demonstrated affordable, reliable, and repeatable electromagnetic (EM) measurements in the near-shore environment. The study was conducted in several stages, with a technical report provided at each stage to document and describe the findings. The executive summary provides a synopsis of each technical report. Report topics include a brief biological survey of EMF sensitivity levels in marine species, an analysis and estimation of existing, naturally occurring EM fields in the coastal environment, descriptions of predictive models for export cables and WEC devices, a technical survey of existing EM measurement and assessment tools, methods, and techniques, and the results of a marine survey conducted using a prototype EM instrument.


Results of this study and the use of the prototype instrument will be used to assess and better understand the existing EM environment and measure fields in the presence of near-shore power generation equipment and export cable facilities.

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