Decision Support Requirements for Wind Farm Placement Planning in Alberta

Journal Article

Title: Decision Support Requirements for Wind Farm Placement Planning in Alberta
Publication Date:
July 01, 2015
Journal: Journal of Decision Systems
Volume: 24
Issue: 2
Pages: 178-205
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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Adagha, O.; Carpendale, S.; Levy, R. (2015). Decision Support Requirements for Wind Farm Placement Planning in Alberta. Journal of Decision Systems, 24(2), 178-205.

Current trends in Alberta require the involvement of multiple stakeholders and decision support tools in planning the placement of wind farms. While the use of decision support tools can assist stakeholders in making decisions, developing useful tools for a domain as complex as wind farm placement planning is challenging. In addition, few design requirements exist to ensure that decision support tools are specific to local needs, and that they have capabilities to support stakeholders in making informed decisions about placement locations. To this end, we conducted a study, using questionnaires and interviews, to: (1) identify the main issues that influence wind farm placement and land use decisions in Alberta; (2) identify stakeholders' decision support needs for evaluating wind farm placement decisions, and how these needs can be incorporated in a decision support tool; (3) gain a deeper understanding of how stakeholders in Alberta currently interact with existing tools, and identify areas where design can improve usability; and (4) derive usability attributes that can inform the development of a decision support tool for wind farm placement planning in Alberta. Based on the study findings, we propose some design recommendations which highlight the relevance of a place-based decision support tool with visual and analytical attributes.

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