The Case for Renewables Apart from Global Warming

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Title: The Case for Renewables Apart from Global Warming
Authors: Swift-Hook, D.
Publication Date:
January 01, 2013
Journal: Renewable Energy
Volume: 49
Pages: 147-150
Publisher: Elsevier
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Swift-Hook, D. (2013). The Case for Renewables Apart from Global Warming. Renewable Energy, 49, 147-150.

The outcome of COP15, the conference on climate change in Copenhagen, was the Copenhagen Accord which was recognised by the 193 countries that attended. The Accord set no compulsory limits on carbon emissions, and none of the countries that introduced it - USA, China, India [with Brazil and South Africa] - has signed the Annexe to the Kyoto Agreement, committing them to limit their emissions. Climate change is only of secondary importance to them compared with eradicating poverty. Nevertheless three of these countries are in the lead currently for installing renewables, far ahead of most of those [only 37 out of 187 countries world-wide] who are committed to limiting their emissions. This paper explains why. The main function of renewable energy is to save fuel, thereby reducing energy imports and maintaining security of energy supplies without the need to fight world wars over them. Also, being capital intensive with all the money paid up-front, renewables avoid the price fluctuations that bedevil the oil and other fossil fuel industries. As capacity is doubling every 3 years, renewables prices will come down with savings of scale, so wind power in particular will soon be the cheapest form of power.

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