Wind Energy Science Conference (WESC) 2019


Title: Wind Energy Science Conference (WESC) 2019
Cork, Ireland
Date: June 17 - 20,
2019 UTC+00:00
Technology Type:

The Wind Energy Science Conference (WESC) is a biennial event organised by the European Academy of Wind Energy that covers all scientific topics in wind energy. WESC 2019 aims to offer a multidisciplinary open forum to discuss the latest wind energy related scientific developments, projects, challenges and results. WESC 2019 is comprised of seven themes which cover the main scientific topics in wind energy science and an eighth theme which is left open for more cross cutting sessions.  Each theme will have its own dedicated lecture theatre for the duration of WESC 2019 and will host between 11 and 20 sessions.


Abstracts and proposals for Mini-Symposia are invited in the following themes:

  • Theme 1: Wind Resource, Turbulence, and Wakes
  • Theme 2: Turbine Technology and Aerodynamics
  • Theme 3: Wind to Wire Power Systems
  • Theme 4: Social, Economic, and Policy
  • Theme 5: Turbine Lifecycle Considerations
  • Theme 6: Structures, Safety, and Reliability
  • Theme 7: Offshore Wind Energy
  • Theme 8: Special Sessions
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