Scottish Renewables' (SR) Annual Conference 2019


Title: Scottish Renewables' (SR) Annual Conference 2019
Edinburgh, Scotland
Date: March 12 - 13,
2019 UTC+00:00

Scotland's renewable energy sector is facing a conundrum. Greater ambition from government to decarbonise and the onset of new energy innovations sit starkly alongside political and policy uncertainty and ongoing challenges around grid, finance and planning. Scottish Renewables' Annual Conference 2019 brings together the people who matter in this sector to debate its future and discuss pathways on which business can succeed while delivering carbon reductions, jobs and investment to Scotland.


Key questions the event will address:
• The clock is ticking towards midnight on climate change: is the UK doing enough to transition to a low-carbon energy system, and is Scotland’s leadership on ambition translating into the right action on the ground?
• Our energy system is changing and renewables are at the heart of that change, but how can we ensure Scotland’s businesses are at the forefront of global market growth?
• Brexit is almost upon us: what will a future outside Europe mean for ambition, investment and jobs in renewables?
• How do we build the energy networks of the future?
• What will the future of investment in clean energy look like?
• Will technology save us all? And are we investing enough in innovation to make sure it does?

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