Energy3 Canada


Title: Energy3 Canada
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Date: October 16 - 18,
2019 UTC+00:00

Marine Renewables Canada, The Maritimes Energy Association, and the Offshore Energy Research Association have partnered to bring three conferences into one; a comprehensive event covering the future of Canada’s energy sector in the regional, national, and global context. energy3 is expected to draw an estimated 500 participants from industry, government, researchers and other energy sector stakeholders in fields related to clean technology, energy storage, energy efficiency, oil and gas, and marine and other renewable energy.


The energy3 conference program aims to assist experts and leaders in the energy industry in developing new strategies and networks to advance development in the region and nationally. The event brings together developers, supply chain companies, utilities, academia, investors, multinationals with interest in energy and technology development, government, and energy professionals from the Maritimes, Canada, and internationally (including Colombia, Ireland, France, Norway, United Kingdom, and the United States).

The conference takes place October 16 -18 at the Halifax Convention Centre and includes concurrent speaker sessions, debates, plenaries, and keynotes, a student program, exhibition and tradeshow, technical tours, poster sessions, R&D sessions, side events, workshops, a welcome reception and a gala dinner.  

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