AWEA Wind Power on Capitol Hill 2019


Title: AWEA Wind Power on Capitol Hill 2019
Washington, D.C., USA
Date: March 5 - 6,
2019 UTC+00:00
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AWEA Wind Power on Capitol Hill is a rare opportunity for AWEA members and others who want to help advance wind energy to participate in advocacy training and then put that training to work to educate legislators and their staff on the wind industry’s top policy initiatives at both the state and federal level. Your participation in Wind Power on Capitol Hill can make a huge difference in gaining support in Congress to keep American wind power growing. Has wind power helped improve your livelihood or community? Please join us. If you are an AWEA member, a supplier for wind projects, a leaseholder, or community member – we need your voices! 


Be sure to check out the discounted rates for veterans, landowners, AWEA members and more! Registration Coming Soon!

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