2018 Maryland Clean Energy Summit


Title: 2018 Maryland Clean Energy Summit
The Hotel at the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
Date: October 8 - 10,
2018 UTC+00:00

Your gears will be turning at this thought-provoking conference that focuses on cutting-edge technologies, modern business models, and innovative regulations and financing solutions that will ensure a secure, resilient and transactive modern power grid. Join industry experts, policy makers, regulators, utility representatives and business leaders — bring your voice to roundtable discussions and hear from panelists on energy efficiency, resiliency and security.

  • Efficiency: Want to learn about real-time and dynamic energy management? At this conference, energy professionals will learn how to use the latest technology and energy solutions to help customers streamline energy use to lower costs and enhance sustainability.
  • Resiliency: Flash floods, Nor’easters, hurricanes and other extreme weather all have the potential to cause outages and damage energy infrastructure. How does the energy sector ensure resiliency? Learn how to build a reliable, diverse and constant supply of energy with smart grid technology to remain competitive in a world with growing populations and more extreme weather.
  • Security: How “smart” is the grid and how will the modern grid be hardened against cyber-attacks? Learn from energy thought leaders about how they are using technology innovation and A.I. to monitor and maintain energy security and maximize grid performance.
  • Gear up for the future:  Discover the emerging technologies designed to improve the generation, transmission, distribution and storage of energy. Participate in the dialogue and hear from national and regional energy leaders on a broad range of topics including:
    • Smart Grid
    • Security & Resiliency
    • IT & Artificial Intelligence
    • Renewables & Distributed Generation
    • Natural Gas
    • Demand Response
    • Advanced Energy Storage
    • Microgrids and CHP
    • Evolving Technologies
    • Policy & Regulation
    • Efficiency & Market Opportunities
    • EVs & Transportation
    • Customer Analytics & Data Access
    • Finance & Investment


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