Pentland Firth MeyGen Harbour Seal Telemetry Data


Pentland Firth MeyGen Harbour Seal Telemetry Data
Data Type:
October 01, 2016
Technology Type:
Receiving station at the Pentland Firth, used to recieve the tag transmissions. (Credit: Joseph Onoufriou)
Description and Purpose of Data: 

The tags are UHF/GPS tags that relay locations in real time to shore stations, and UHF/TDR tags that relay depth data in real time to shore stations.


It is also proposed to use Vemco pingers on the seals which can be tracked by the PAM equipment on the turbine support structure. These pingers operate at a frequency of 180kHz, with one ping per second and a battery life of 131 days.


This telemetry data should help inform how seals use the project area and therefore there sensitivity to collision or displacement from tidal turbine arrays.

Frequency of Collection: 
10 tags deployed in Oct 2016 and a further 10 in Mar 2017. Tags transmit data until they fall off during the annual molt in August.
Data Access Instructions: 

Contact Cara Donovan.

Pentland Firth MeyGen Harbour Seal Telemetry Data is located in United Kingdom.
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