Collaboration Between Two International Networks

Annex IV and ORJIP-Ocean Energy has signed an agreement that will enhance collaboration and data sharing to understand and reduce uncertainty about potential environmental effects of MRE development.  Both organizations address issues that are challenging to the siting and permitting/consenting of wave and tidal projects.

Annex IV and ORJIP Ocean Energy plan to jointly develop and share strategic research needs and identify data gaps on environmental effects; to seek opportunities to convene expert groups and consultation processes to address environmental effects and reduce consenting/permitting risks associated with MRE developments; to coordinate the needs and resources of both programs to carry out strategic research projects; to disseminate information developed by each program through the other program’s outreach networks; to share upcoming funding opportunities, announcements, program milestones, and events, through both programs’ outreach networks; and to bring together the breadth, contacts, and knowledge of both networks to inform the MRE community (including regulators, stakeholders, industry and researchers) of advancements in understanding environmental effects.

Annex IV is an international collaboration under the IEA Ocean Energy System that seeks to understand environmental effects of MRE, and to disseminate knowledge on those effects broadly, to support development of a sustainable MRE industry worldwide.  Annex IV represents 14 nations with an interest in MRE development.

ORJIP Ocean Energy is a United Kingdom-wide collaborative programme of environmental research with the aim of reducing consenting risks for wave, tidal stream and tidal range projects.

Hoyt Battey, of the US Department of Energy Water Power Technologies Office, signed the agreement on behalf of Annex IV. Mr. Battey said “Linking these international efforts will help to accelerate permitting of tidal and wave devices in the US and abroad, and will provide the industry with better information to enable responsible commercial development.”

Ian Hutchison, Secretariat Programme Manager for ORJIP Ocean Energy signed the agreement for ORJIP, saying: “Combining the resources and networks of these established international programmes will help ensure that consenting risks are addressed in a strategic, coordinated fashion.”

International Collaboration
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