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Title: Wave Energy Centre Website
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January 01, 2003
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Wave Energy Centre (2003). Wave Energy Centre Website. Retrieved from http://www.wavec.org/

The Wave Energy Centre (WavEC) is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2003 dedicated to the development and promotion of ocean wave energy and offshore wind through technical and strategic support to companies, R&D institutions and public entities. The Centre also strives to collaborate with companies and other institutions outside Portugal that recognise the necessity of International Cooperation, in particular those who seek an association with Portuguese companies / institutions.


The Wave Energy Centre renders services to entities that intend to explore the attractive natural and legal conditions of Portugal for testing and demonstration of wave energy structures.


Further, the Centre coordinates or participates in R&D projects to support the development of wave energy on national and international level, as e.g. WAVETRAIN2, CORES, SOWFIA, SURGE, WAVEPORT. The most valuable asset of WavEC is the 400 kW OWC pilot plant (Azores), providing important field experience and monitoring activities to the centre's staff and invited researchers.

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