Torr Head Tidal Energy Array EIA Scoping Report


Title: Torr Head Tidal Energy Array EIA Scoping Report
Authors: Tidal Ventures
Publication Date:
June 01, 2013
Document Number: IBE0657
Pages: 223
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Tidal Ventures (2013). Torr Head Tidal Energy Array EIA Scoping Report. pp 223.

Tidal Ventures Ltd (hereafter referred to as TVL), is a joint venture between Bord Gáis Energy and OpenHydro Technology Ltd. TVL has appointed RPS to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping exercise for their proposal to develop a commercial scale 100MW tidal energy array in the waters offshore of Torr Head, located on the north coast of County Antrim in Northern Ireland.


In October 2012, TVL was awarded an Agreement for Lease (AfL) from The Crown Estate (TCE) to investigate the development of the tidal energy project in Northern Irish waters. The award was made as part of Northern Ireland’s Offshore Renewable Energy Strategic Action Plan (ORESAP) and was the result of a competitive tender process.


This EIA Scoping study introduces the proposed development, defines the location and extent of works, identifies the key environmental issues and receptors in the vicinity, the potential impacts of the proposal, and identifies the likely environmental studies that are required to inform the full EIA. This environmental Scoping study is based on information gathered through the following:

  • Existing databases (e.g. Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) Natural Heritage and Built Heritage Databases);
  • Consultation with stakeholders;
  • Relevant mapping (LPSNI mapping and Admiralty Charts); and
  • Available reports, books and other published literature.
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