Tidal Current Energy Technologies

Journal Article

Title: Tidal Current Energy Technologies
Authors: Fraenkel, P.
Publication Date:
March 27, 2006
Journal: IBIS The International Journal of Avian Science
Volume: 148
Issue: 1
Pages: 145-151
Publisher: Wiley
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Fraenkel, P. (2006). Tidal Current Energy Technologies. IBIS The International Journal of Avian Science, 148(1), 145-151.

This paper sets the context for the development of tidal current technology in the face of impending climate change and so called ‘peak oil’. Siting requirements are specified for tidal turbines and a general overview of the different technologies under development is given. Specific and detailed descriptions of leading Marine Current Turbine's technology are also highlighted. The paper considers the likely environmental impact of the technology, considering in particular possible (perceived and real) risks to marine wildlife, including birds. It concludes by indicating the planned future developments, and the scale and speed of implementation that might be achieved.

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