ReNews Global Marine 2012 Report

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Title: ReNews Global Marine 2012 Report
Publication Date:
May 10, 2012
Magazine: Global Marine
Pages: 1-24
Publisher: Renews Limited
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Westbrook, T.; Kennedy, S.; Wachtmeister, W. (2012). ReNews Global Marine 2012 Report. Global Marine, 1-24.

Debt financing is tallest step on path to maturity

Arrival of industrial heavyweights brings sharper focus on bottom line at coming early-stage array. (Page 2)

  • Global project rundown
  • Tried and trusted turbines ahead in tidal race
  • Pelamis breaks out from wave pack
  • Narec offers ultimate dry run for developers
  • UK challenge to go for gold
  • Matching funds ‘grant funding guarantee’
  • TEL aims for quality not speed off Wales


Sparks flying at EMEC
Orkney test centre underpins Scotland’s claim to the global ocean energy crown. (Page 9)

  • Lease in bag for bigger and better Siadar
  • Brussels swings towards collaborative R&D
  • Austerity waiting game for Ireland’s developers
  • Lease round in the North open to all-comers
  • Scandinavians chase financing tide
  • Seabased to build swarm of point absorbers


French eye on the prize
Suite of test sites and Cherbourg manufacturing plant flag up the nation’s industrial ambitions. (Page 13)

  • Wave partners mull joining FEM
  • Customers beat path to 40South’s door
  • Iberia off pace in competition for wave crown
  • Mutriku offers learning but no profit


Sponsors cheer at Carnegie
Australian developer’s largest Ceto 4 buoyant actuator yet is gearing up for summer trials. (Page 16)

  • Kiwi cash cupboard stripped bare
  • Asian big guns turn sights out to sea
  • Korean gates open for Tocardo turbines
  • Atlantis to get ball rolling in Gujarat


It’s payback time in Canada
Ocean energy developers under pressure to deliver return on generous federal and provincial support. (Page 20)

  • Nova Scotian grid to feel the FORCE
  • Brazilian university taps into wave potential
  • Giant leap for US pioneers
  • Industry mourns PTC then moves on...
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