A Remotely Operated, Autonomous Wave Energy Converter System


Title: A Remotely Operated, Autonomous Wave Energy Converter System
Authors: Lewis, T.
Publication Date:
March 18, 2014
Thesis Type: Doctoral Dissertation
Academic Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Volume: Doctor of Philosophy
Pages: 199
Technology Type:

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Lewis, T. (2014). A Remotely Operated, Autonomous Wave Energy Converter System. Doctoral Dissertation, Oregon State University.

The potential for electric energy generation from ocean waves is substantial and much research is being conducted on the conversion process as a renewable, gridconnected, power source. Some of the same attributes that make wave energy harvesting attractive as a grid-connected source also make it attractive as a remote, or isolated, ocean energy source. The advantages for autonomous applications such as energy persistence and energy density, as well as challenges such as system complexity, maintainability, and cost, will be explored. First, a survey of wave energy fundamentals, generation, conversion devices, and converter control will be completed. Then remote ocean applications that require electrical power will be reviewed. The requirements for an isolated, or remote, wave energy generation device will be summarized and a candidate set of ocean power device requirements chosen. Ocean wave energy options will be generated and their use as a remote ocean power source will be explored. A potential solution will be proposed, designed, fabricated, and tested in a wave energy laboratory. Control methods to attempt to maximize power will be designed and implemented and then compared to classical damping control.

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