Proceedings of the 4th Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop

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Title: Proceedings of the 4th Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop
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March 24, 2015
Workshop Name: 4th Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop
Workshop Location: Oxford, UK
Pages: 62
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University of Oxford (2015). Proceedings of the 4th Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop. 4th Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop, Oxford, UK.

Monday 23rd March

Session 1: Devices and Turbulence

11:10 - Measuring Turbulent Structures in Tidal Channels Anna Young (University of Cambridge) 4

11:35 - Large Eddy Simulations to Represent a Full-scale Tidal Stream Flow and Turbine Umair Ahmed (University of Manchester) 6

12:00 - A Synthetic Turbulence Model for Numerical Simulation of Marine Current Turbine Grégory Pinon (Université du Havre) 8


Poster Presentations (1)

12:25 - Modelling Hydrodynamic and Morphodynamic Effects at Ramsey Sound David Haverson (University of Edinburgh) 10

12:30 - The Distribution of the Irish Sea Tidal-stream Resource Matt Lewis (Bangor University) 12

12:35 - The Sensitivity of Tidal Resonance in the Bristol Channel Chanshu Gao (University of Oxford) 14


Session 2: Basin Modelling (1)

14:00 - Impacts of In-Stream Tidal Current Turbines on Sediment Dynamics in the Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy, Canada Ryan Mulligan (Queen’ s University) 16

14:25 - Characterising the Variability of the Tidal-stream Energy Resource over the Northwest European Shelf Seas Peter Robins (Bangor University) 18

14:50 - Wave-Current Interaction in the Bristol Channel and the Implications of a Severn Barrage on Wave Climate Iain Fairley (Swansea University) 20


Poster Presentations (2)

15:15 - Investigation on the Hydrodynamics of the Catamaran Hull of a Floating Tidal Power Generation Device Qing Xiao (University of Strathclyde) 22

15:20 - 3D Extraction of Tidal Energy from a ROMS Model Alice Goward Brown (Bangor University) 24


Session 3: Devices and Arrays

16:00 - Flexible Blades for Tidal Turbines Ignazio Maria Viola (University of Edinburgh) 26

16:25 - A Blade Design Method of the Horizontal Axis Tidal Current Turbine Xiaohang Wang (Harbin Engineering University) 28

16:50 - Power and Thrust Behaviour in a Porous Disc Fence Array Experiment Susannah Cooke (University of Oxford) 30

17:15 - Hydrodynamic and Ecological Impacts of Turbine Structures: Insights from the FLOWBEC Platform Shaun Fraser (University of Aberdeen) 32


Tuesday 24th March

Session 4: Field Scale Turbulence

9:00 - Field Characterisation of Currents and Near Surface Eddies in the Pentland Firth Jonathan Hardwick (University of Exeter) 34

9:25 - Traditional Turbulence Methods and Novel Visualisation Techniques for Coastal Flow Model in Order to Deploy Tidal Stream Turbines Ian Masters (Swansea University) 36

9:50 - Simplified Wake Models for Small Tidal Farms: Reduced Scale Evaluation and Array Loading Study David Sudall (University of Manchester) 38

10:15 - Micrositing and Turbulence Michael Togneri (Swansea University) 40


Session 5: Basin Modelling (2)

11:10 - Intermittency and Predictability of Tidal Stream Power Thomas Adcock (University of Oxford) 42

11:35 - The Importance of Tidal Phasing on Leasing for Tidal Energy Schemes Simon Neill (Bangor University) 44

12:00 - The Effects of Tidal Farms in Estuaries under Extreme Coastal and Fluvial Events Miriam Garcia-Oliva (University of Exeter) 46


Poster Presentations (3)

12:25 - Moving Meshes and Virtual Porpoise Thomas Lake ( Swansea University) 48

12:30 - Analytical Model for Tidal Farm Design with Free-surface Deformation Effect Vikrant Gupta (University of Cambridge) 50

12:35 - Characterising the Tidal Energy Resource of Pembrokeshire Sophie Ward (Bangor University) 52


Session 6: Devices and Control

14:00 - A Numerical Study of Vertical Axis Tidal Turbines' Performance Improvement by Active Pitch Control Pierre-Luc Delafin (Cranfield University) 54

14:25 - Power Shedding from Stall and Pitch Controlled Tidal Stream Turbines Matt Edmunds (Swansea University) 56

14:50 - Investigation on H-shape Vertical Axis Turbine with Flexible Blade Wendi Liu (University of Strathclyde) 58

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