Proceedings of the 2nd Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop

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Title: Proceedings of the 2nd Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop
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March 19, 2013
Workshop Name: 2nd Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop
Workshop Location: Oxford, UK
Pages: 53
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University of Oxford (2013). Proceedings of the 2nd Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop. 2nd Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop, Oxford, UK.

Monday 18th March

Session 1: Device Scale Problems (1)

11:10 CFD predicted effect of EMEC velocity profiles on a tidal stream turbine James McNaughton (University of Manchester) 3

11:35 Validation of an Actuator Line Model for Tidal Turbine Simulations Justine Schluntz (University of Oxford) 5

12:00 Hydrodynamics of tidal-stream turbines in unsteady flow Duncan M. McNae (Imperial College London) 7

12:25 Influence of support structure response on extreme loading of a tidal turbine due to turbulent flow and waves E. Fernandez Rodriguez (University of Manchester) 9


Session 2: Turbulence and Waves

14:00 Examination of Turbulence Characteristic s Calculated Using the Variance Method Michael Togneri (Swansea University) 11

14:25 Analysis of length scales in open channel flow for inlet definition of LES of tidal stream turbines S. Rolfo (University of Manchester) 13

14:50 The Effects of Wave-Current Interactions on the Performance of Horizontal Axis Tidal-Stream Turbines Tiago A. de Jesus Henriques (University of Liverpool) 15


Session 3: Array Scale Problems

15:45 Adjoint based optimisation of turbine farm layouts Stephan C. Kramer (Imperial College London) 17

16:10 Impact of tidal energy arrays located in regions of tidal asymmetry Simon P. Neill (Bangor University) 19

16:35 Beyond the Betz Theory - Blockage, Wake Mixing and Turbulence Takafumi Nishino (University of Oxford) 21


Tuesday 19th March

Session 4: Geographic Scale Problems

9:30 On the optimum place to locate a tidal fence in the Severn Estuary Scott Draper (University of Western Australia) 23

9:55 Tidal Stream Energy Assessment of the Anglesey Skerries Sena Serhadlioğlu (University of Oxford) 25

10:20 Influence of tidal energy extraction on fine sediment dynamics Peter E. Robins (Bangor University) 27


Session 5: Device Wake, Interaction and Environment

11:10 On the performance of axially aligned tidal stream turbines using a Blade Element Disk approach Ian Masters (Swansea University) 29

11:35 Characterisation of the near-wake of a Horizontal Axis Tidal Stream Turbine in Non-uniform steady flow Siân C. Tedds (University of Liverpool) 31

12:00 Tidal Turbine Wake Recovery due to Turbulent Flow and Opposing Waves Alex Olczak (University of Manchester) 33

12:25 Individual Based Modelling Techniques and Marine Energy Thomas Lake (Swansea University) 35


Session 6: Device Scale Problems (2)

13:40 CFD Analysis of a Single MRL Tidal Turbine Matthew Berry (University of Exeter) 37

14:05 Numerical Modelling of a Laboratory Scale Tidal Turbine Robert M. Stringer (University of Bath) 39

14:30 Progress on Large Vertical Axis Tidal Stream Rotors Stephen Salter (University of Edinburgh) 41

14:55 Comparisons of computational predictions and experimental measurements of ducted tidal turbine performance Conor F. Fleming (University of Oxford) 43

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