Lysekil Research Site, Sweden: A Status Update

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Title: Lysekil Research Site, Sweden: A Status Update
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September 09, 2011
Conference Name: European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference
Conference Location: Southampton, United Kingdom
Pages: 7
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Lejerskog, E.; Gravråkmo, H.; Savin, A.; Strömstedt, E.; Tyrberg, S.; Haikonen, K.; Krishna, R.; Boström, C.; Rahm, M.; Ekström, R.; Svensson, O.; Engström, J.; Ekergård, B.; Baudoin, A.; Kurupath, V.; Hai, L.; Li, W.; Sundberg, J.; Waters, R.; Leijon, M. (2011). Lysekil Research Site, Sweden: A Status Update. Paper Presented at the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference, Southampton, United Kingdom.

At Uppsala University, a wave energy concept is developed on how to harvest wave energy and convert it into usable electric energy. The wave energy converter developed is based on a direct driven linear generator connected via a connection line to a point absorbing buoy. In connection to the wave energy converters, an electrical system is developed which enables a submerged interconnection and conversion of the power from the generators.


The project has a test site on the Swedish west coast outside the town Lysekil. The test site has been running since 2002, and the first wave energy converter was installed at the site in March 2006. Since then, the site has been continuously updated.


The object of this paper is to present a status update of what has been done at the Lysekil research site from 2006 up until now. The authors will also present experimental results showing power absorption and power production from the generators connected to different buoys. To further improve the site, the possibility to connect the system to the grid is prepared and also a second underwater substation is being built for underwater connection of at least seven wave energy converters.


Acknowledgement: This article was identified by the Crown Estate Wave and Tidal Knowledge Network

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