Environmental Monitoring Report EMEC AK-1000


Title: Environmental Monitoring Report EMEC AK-1000
Authors: Rigg, D.
Publication Date:
September 14, 2019
Volume: 1
Document Number: 3009-ARC-DR-128- EnvironmentalMonitoringReport-1.0
Pages: 15
Publisher: European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)
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Rigg, D. (2011). Environmental Monitoring Report EMEC AK-1000. Report by European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC). pp 15.

This document provides a summary of the activity on the turbine site over the summer period and details the finding of the environmental monitoring of the AK-1000 tidal turbine. Since recovering the turbine last year the device was prepared with a new set of rotor blades and was initially installed on May 9th.  Shortly afterwards the device was electrically connected to the subsea cable by diver intervention.  Over the course of the summer the team worked through a number of challenges in order to complete the commissioning of the turbine.  Table 1 lists the activity carried out over this period. 

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