Environmental Challenges for Ocean Energy Generation

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Title: Environmental Challenges for Ocean Energy Generation
Publication Date:
July 30, 2018
Journal: International Journal of Development Research
Volume: 8
Issue: 7
Pages: 21744-21748
Publisher: International Journal of Development Research
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Apunda, M.; Nyangoye, B. (2018). Environmental Challenges for Ocean Energy Generation. International Journal of Development Research, 8(7), 21744-21748.

The world’s depleting fossil fuels have put the globe into serious global warming concern. Normally, these fossil fuels emit greenhouse gases when burnt in most of the industrial processes and as well in automobiles. The earth’s economic activities have therefore triggered high energy demand which has put the world into acute energy shortage. This global energy insecurity has attracted the technological research on how to ensure there is constant supply of energy owing to the increasing energy demand. Different energy resources have been identified which can help generate clean energy which emit near zero greenhouse gases such as SOX, NOX and CO2. As the renewable energy sources come into play, they are also accompanied by several environmental impacts. This paper critically discusses different environmental challenges posed by the generation of energy via ocean energy technology and gives an insight on the proposed remedy. The challenges explored include; electromagnetic field in the ocean, toxicity caused by the technology, alteration of water currents and waves, benthic organisms’ habitat alteration, noise impacts, strike and collision and water temperature increment.

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