Dictionary of Ocean Energy (Chinese)


Title: Dictionary of Ocean Energy (Chinese)
Authors: Wen, X.; Zhu, K.
Publication Date:
June 01, 2014
Pages: 261
Publisher: Ocean Press
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Wen, X.; Zhu, K. (2014). Dictionary of Ocean Energy (Chinese) Ocean Press.

As ocean energy develops, theres is a need to develop standardized terminology around the offshore renewable energy industry. The Chinese language Dictionary of Ocean Energy Development has thousands of entries, using a framework that follows 10 branches of marine renewable energy: Integration, The Development of Tidal Energy, The Development of Wave Energy, The Development of Tidal/Sea Current Energy, The Development of Thermal and Salinity Gradient Energy, The Development of Offshore Wind Energy, Standards and Measurement of Ocean Energy, Marine Energy Programs and Conferences, Marine Energy and Economy, and Marine Energy Agencies. The dictionary includes many concisely defined words such as terminologies, concepts, and many technical terms. It also provides substantial information on the latest events, facts, photographs, and data.

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