Black Rock Tidal Power Grand Passage MRE Permit


Title: Black Rock Tidal Power Grand Passage MRE Permit
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January 01, 2018
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Black Rock Tidal Power (2018). Black Rock Tidal Power Grand Passage MRE Permit. pp 4.

Black Rock Tidal Power Inc. (BRTP), and its partners SCHOTTEL Hydro, Sustainable Marine Energy (SME) and Sustainable Oceans Applied Research (SOAR), wish to conduct an off-grid demonstration of the 280kW PLAT-I tidal energy platform at Grand Passage, located between communities of Westport and Freeport in Digby County, Nova Scotia. The proposed demonstration will be the first North American application of the technology. PLAT-I had a successful inaugural deployment in Connel, Scotland throughout late 2017 and the first half of 2018. For the proposed project, this prototype will be brought to Nova Scotia, assembled, and transported by sea to Grand Passage where it will undergo testing according to a pre-determined schedule for a period of a minimum of three months beginning in late Summer and into Fall 2018.


The Grand Passage location has the great advantage of having strong tidal currents and shelter from open ocean waves but also allowing easy access to the platform. The water clarity and visibility at Grand Passage is also good. These site characteristics create the ideal test location for technology development and proving while also affording an opportunity for key stakeholders to observe and visit the platform. In addition to assessing and proving the engineering performance of the system, the deployment will also provide ample opportunity to conduct environmental monitoring to detect marine life such as fish and marine mammals and assess any interactions they may have with the platform. Through this project BRTP and its partners intend to continue progressive development of community and utility-scale floating tidal energy devices that can be installed in rivers and tidal currents around the world to provide clean, renewable electricity for remote communities, industrial facilities, and utilities.

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