The Airspace is Habitat

Journal Article

Title: The Airspace is Habitat
Authors: Diehl, R.
Publication Date:
July 01, 2013
Journal: Trends in Ecology & Evolution
Volume: 28
Issue: 7
Pages: 377-379
Publisher: Elsevier
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Diehl, R. (2013). The Airspace is Habitat. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 28(7), 377-379.

A preconception concerning habitat persists and has gone unrecognized since use of the term first entered the lexicon of ecological and evolutionary biology many decades ago. Specifically, land and water are considered habitats, while the airspace is not. This might at first seem a reasonable, if unintended, demarcation, since years of education and personal experience as well as limits to perception predispose a traditional view of habitat. Nevertheless, the airspace satisfies the definition and functional role of a habitat, and its recognition as habitat may have implications for policy where expanding anthropogenic development of airspace could impact the conservation of species and subject parts of the airspace to formalized legal protection.

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