Admiralty Inlet Post-Installation Environmental Monitoring Summary


Title: Admiralty Inlet Post-Installation Environmental Monitoring Summary
Authors: Polagye, B.
Publication Date:
April 29, 2013
Pages: 20
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Polagye, B. (2013). Admiralty Inlet Post-Installation Environmental Monitoring Summary. Report by OpenHydro Ltd and Snohomish County PUD. pp 20.

This document provides a summary of all post-installation environmental monitoring planned for Snohomish County Public Utility District's tidal energy pilot demonstration project in northern Admiralty Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington. Since several technical aspects of post-installation environmental monitoring remain under development, the monitoring approach described here may change prior to turbine development. The objective is to provide a concise summary of proposed monitoring activities in order to provide context for individual monitoring plans. Section 2 describes the tidal turbines and their deployment locations. Section 3 provides a summary of plan objectives and the rationale for pursuing these objectives. Section 4 describes the monitoring infrastructure and instrumentation. Section 5 describes how these resources are proposed to address the specific hypotheses.

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