JMSE Special Issue Submission Deadline


Title: JMSE Special Issue Submission Deadline
Date: June 27, 2020
13:00-14:00 UTC+00:00
Technology Type:

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering - Special Issue on Environmental Interactions of Marine Renewables

Guest Editors: Dr Loise Kregting, Dr. Lillian Lieber

Deadline for submission: 27 June 2020


Message from the Guest Editors:

Marine renewable energy extraction from wind, wave and tides has the potential to contribute significantly to the decarbonisation of our increasing energy demands and the provision of energy security for future generations. This requires the installation of large arrays of devices in coastal and shelf regions. However, there are still concerns regarding potential environmental impacts on the marine environment. For marine energy to play a key role in the development of the blue economy, any environmental interactions between marine fauna and energy structures need to be considered.


High-quality papers are encouraged, for publication, on all aspects of environmental interactions of marine renewables as mentioned above. Research areas are envisaged to include: New (monitoring) technologies and methods; The management of space, including marine spatial planning; Collision risk; Marine fauna displacement, avoidance, and barrier effects; Marine fauna attraction and reef effects; Noise/soundscapes; Electromagnetic fields; Bio-physical change (including sediment and flow dynamics and bio-physical oceanographic processes)


Message from the Editorial Board:

The Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (JMSE; ISSN 2077-1312) is an international peer-reviewed open access journal which provides an advanced forum for studies related to marine science and engineering. The journal aims to provide scholarly research on a range of topics, including ocean engineering, chemical oceanography, physical oceanography, marine biology and marine geosciences. We invite you to publish in our journal sharing your important research findings with the global ocean community.

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