Final Annex IV Report

In addition to the new publicly accessible Annex IV information and data on Tethys, the recently released Final Annex IV Report is also available through Tethys. The Annex IV report contains three case studies of specific interactions of ocean energy devices with the marine environment that survey, gather and analyze the best available information in one coherent location. The report also provides a synopsis of the Annex IV process, including its achievements over the past three years, summaries of both experts’ workshops, and an overview of the Tethys database and use of metadata forms. The case studies addressed in the report are:

  1. The physical interactions between animals and tidal turbines;
  2. The acoustic impact of marine energy devices on marine animals; and
  3. The effect of energy removal on physical systems.

Each case study identifies marine energy projects around the world that have monitoring data on the on the specific interactions discussed, provides information from laboratory/flume studies and modeling studies that may inform the understanding of the specific interaction, evaluates comparability and applicability of the information from different projects and similar studies, and identifies key gaps in data and studies that need to be filled to enhance the understanding of the specific interaction.

All the information and metadata referenced throughout the report is also hot-linked to its own page within the Tethys knowledge base, so readers can easily access all the referenced material in the Final Annex IV Report for more details.

If you would like to learn more about the Annex IV process, please visit either the About Annex IV page on Tethys, or simply reference Final Annex IV Report.


Acoustic Impact
Energy Removal