Proceedings of the 3rd Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop

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Title: Proceedings of the 3rd Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop
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April 08, 2014
Workshop Name: 3rd Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop
Workshop Location: Oxford, UK
Pages: 51
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University of Oxford (2014). Proceedings of the 3rd Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop. 3rd Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop, Oxford, UK.

Monday 7th April

Session 1: Device Scale Problems (1)

11:10 Improving the cost-effectiveness of Darrieus hydrokinetic turbines Brian Kirke (University of South Australia) 3

11:35 Wave Induced Loads and Kinematics for Turbine Support Structures in Turbulent Flow A. Olczak (University of Manchester) 5

12:00 An E valuation of Blockage Corrections for a Helical Cross - Flow Turbine Robert Cavagnaro (University of Washington) 7


Poster Presentations (1)

12:25 Numerical Modelling of a Gorlov Cross Flow Tidal Turbine Esther R. Bruce (University of Hull) 9

12:30 Numerical modelling of sea bed morphodynamics associated with tidal energy extraction Antonia Chatzirodou (Swansea University) 11

12:35 Feedbacks between energy extraction and bed elevation morphodynamic Andres Payo (University of Oxford) 13


Session 2: Turbulence and Waves

14:00 Performing oceanographic surveys on tidal energy sites using a data buoy Mungo Morgan (North Sea Systems) 15

14:25 Quasi unsteady blade element momentum theory for tidal stream turbines Thomas Nevalainen (University of Strathclyde) 17

14:50 Synthetic Turbulence Generation for Turbine Modelling with BEMT Michael Togneri (Swansea University) 19


Session 3: Array Scale Problems (1)

15:45 Wind and tidal turbines in uniform flow Scott Draper (University of Western Australia) 21

16:10 The Potential of Sub-Arrays to Increase Tidal Farm Power Susannah Cooke (University of Oxford) 23

16:35 Optimising the Number of Turbines in a Tidal Current Turbine Array D. M. Culley (Imperial College London) 25


Tuesday 8th April

Session 4: Array Scale Problems (2)

9:30 Tidal stream energy: designing for blockage Richard Willden (University of Oxford) 27

9:55 Tidal Stream Turbine Modelling in the Natural Environment Matt Edmunds (Swansea University) 29

10:20 The Power Potential of a Tidal Turbine Array with Turbine Power Capping Christopher R. Vogel (University of Oxford) 31


Session 5: Farm Scale Problems

11:10 Tidal resource characterization at a strait between an island and a semi - infinite landmass Alberto Pérez-Ortiz (University of Edinburgh) 33

11:35 A 3D model of asymmetry in the Orkney tidal energy resource Simon P. Neill (Bangor University) 35

12:00 Effects of a tidal farm on the transient and residual circulation of an estuary Gregorio Iglesias (Plymouth University) 37


Poster Presentations (2)

12:25 Impact of support structures on turbine farm power Subhash Muchala (University of Oxford) 39

12:30 Assessing the Hydro-Environmental Impacts of Tidal Turbines Anna Phoenix (National University of Ireland, Galway) 41


Session 6: Device Scale Problems (2)

14:00 Effects of Dynamic Inflow and Distortion of Incident Turbulence on Tidal Turbine Rotors Michael Graham (Imperial College London) 43

14:25 The Effect of Tidal Flow Directionality on Tidal Turbine Performance Characteristics Carwyn Frost (Cardiff University) 45

14:50 Modelling Pressure Changes in the Vicinity of Tidal Turbines to Assess Fish Survival Rate During Turbine Passage Enayatollah Zangiabadi (Swansea University ) 47

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